Choosing the right attorney to represent you when you have been charged with a crime can be a daunting task.  It is imperative that you fully research your options and discuss your situation with an attorney that can explain your rights, inform you of the process, and provide you with the best defense and service available.  

It is also vital that every potential client get to know their attorney and develop a relationship built on honesty, compassion, and mutual respect.  I believe in a one-on-one attorney-client approach to criminal defense.  I trust and rely on you and you trust and rely on me and we get through the case together.

At The Law Office of Jeffrey S. Bullard I take pride in helping clients through very difficult situations in their lives.  I vigorously advocate my client's position and use every tool available to help my clients prevail.  I am honored that my clients allow me to guide them through these very difficult times in their lives.  This is a role that I take very seriously and have devoted my life to being a Criminal Defense Attorney.

I have been practicing as a criminal defense attorney since 2004.  Over those years I have worked for some of some of Southern California’s largest criminal defense law firms.  I have handled thousands cases and have appeared in every court in both San Bernardino and San Diego Counties.  This experience has provided me with an intimate knowledge of the Courts, Judges, and District Attorneys which allows me to provide high quality representation to my clients.

Please review my ‘Attorney Profile’ and read my ‘Attorney Philosophy’ regarding the practice of criminal defense.  If you would like to make an appointment for a FREE CONSULTATION to discuss your matter, please feel free to call or email me.

I maintain offices in San Bernardino, Victorville, and Vista in order to provide better service to my clients.